Friday, August 13, 2010

EC Update #7

I didn't want to lose the progress Eva made while Graham was staying with us in July, so I had a potty sent to my moms house and brought Eva's underwear. As soon as we arrived, I put her in panties. She is dry overnight and during naps. If she is bare-bottomed, she gets everything on the potty. In underwear, she sits on the potty without pulling them down and pees through them. To me, that counts! She got it on the potty. I just need to pay attention so I can get them down until she figures it out on her own. In underwear, sometimes she just pees and doesn't get to the potty, so I have her with a bare bottom in a dress, mostly. She is really doing well. I even took her to Borders in underwear. She fell asleep in car and was dry the whole time.

I don't know when she'll be at potty independence, but we've only used 1 diaper in 4 days!

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