Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

Eva, 17 months:

Ian, almost 4 years:

We bought a Mountain Buggy Urban Double Elite Stroller last Christmas and the only thing we regret about that purchase is that we didn't do it sooner. It pushes like a dream, even goes over snow. Curt likes to take them in the 5K Fun Runs in it, but it is great just strolling around. It is also nice when I share a babysitter because the babysitter can take Eva and the other child to the playground easily.

On this trip, I brought my 2006 Inglesina Zippy stroller on the plane. I am going to leave it at my parents' house and bring the 2010 Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller back in its place! I have a MacLaren Volo as well and it is a great lightweight umbrella stroller.

I am not a serious running (or even a non-serious jogger), but I love the smooth push of jogging strollers. Since I fall into the "urban" category more than the "runner" category, I like the flexible of a multi-position wheel. The MBT can be fixed rear for sand and snow, fixed forward for running on pavement or in swivel mode for strolling around. I will probably use it in swivel mode most of the time. I love that I don't have to tip the stroller back to go over curbs or fight the stroller on hills.

Some of the features that I like:

*Multi-position wheel as previously described
*Large air-filled tires
*Height-adjustable handle
*Harness adjusts without rethreading (love this!)
*Reinforced back
*Metal & plastic foot plate (easier to keep clean than fabric)
*Foot break for parking and hand break for running
*Better canopy than older models of Mountain Buggy
*Zippered basket
*Sleeker look than other comparable strollers

It comes with two water bottle holders and a bumper bar. I bought a tire pump (I think it really should come with one, but it wasn't that much), a rain cover (because I live in Seoul and it rains a lot) and a travel bag. We travel frequently, but even one airline trip, even if you gate check, can destroy a stroller so I strongly suggest a travel bag if you are going to take it on a plane.

Curt is going to run with it in a 5K over Labor Day so we'll be able to put it to the test.

Great-Grandma agrees it is a dream to push:

Eva enjoying the view:


Mountain Buggy said...

Hi there Mama Seoul!

It’s Mountain Buggy HQ here from Wellington, New Zealand - how are you?

We hope you don't mind us contacting you, but we got wind of this fantastic blog you published on August 17 2010, through our online alert system. We were absolutely delighted to open up the link and see images of your beautiful children in our latest terrain buggy (and in Seoul, Korea no less!)

You're one of the first to have received this little gem and we just wanted to pass on a massive congratulations to you and your family in taking on the terrain and continue to live an extraordinary life without limit!

The images you have up are stunning and tells a gorgeous story with your children that Mountain Buggy is honored to be a part of! We pride ourselves in allowing parents to retain their freedom and challenge the unknown with our products. So we were so happy to read that your family enjoys the odd fun run and that the terrain will be taken for a proper test drive in labor day - good for you! But we also loved that you were an urbanite who just wanted the versatility - you gave amazing feedback on your thoughts on the terrain and we want more!

Our PR department would love to feature you in a blog this month on our own website mountainbuggy.com as one of the first parents to have a terrain. If you are interested, please email our department at pr@mountainbuggy.com, they would love to hear from you!

It’s an inspiration for everyone here, knowing you are out there with the terrain - makes us proud! (We're also wrapped to learn that you have a Mountain Buggy Urban Elite - another one of our pride and joys!)

Take care Mama Seoul, and continue your amazing journey!
Mountain Buggy

Mama Seoul said...

We'd love to be featured. I'll contact the PR department.

Louise N Cena said...

We got the same one here in Sweden! Sam borrowed it from his cousin Tilde! We have used it all summer and she has had it for 4 years.. you cant even tell!