Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shapewear in a Size 2, Thank You Lands' End

Friend C brought along the Lands' End catalog on one of our moms morning outs. I haven't looked at a Lands' End catalog since my mom used to order from them in the 80's. But, bathing suit season has arrived and I don't have anything to wear. Pre-pregnancy suits don't have enough support. Maternity suits (even bikinis because of the different shape) are too baggy. I bought two suits from Old Navy last summer and though I wore them, they really don't have enough support. Most shape wear suits are expensive and only come in bigger sizes and I dreaded ordering something and having to return it. That is where Lands' End comes in. They have bathing suits and bikinis made for a mother's body. Shapewear and support are built into even the very small sizes. There is also a very thorough size chart with several torso length options.

I ordered a white bikini and a brown full length suit. I like the bikini better, but it will be nice to have the option of a full length suit for indoor pools since it tends to be colder.

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AM said...

Where are the pictures of you in the suit? Ok fine, I'll bring my camera over tomorrow. ;)