Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grandpa's Girl

Ian was 2 years and 8 or 9 months before he started gun play. Before, he would make gun-like objects out of Legos and I would ask him what it was and he would say,"A Tower." Then, all of a sudden, he started pretending everything was a gun. It happened a lot later than I thought it would considering we live near and work on an Army base and my dad is a big hunter and we lived with my parents for a good chunk of time during Ian's first 2.5 years.

Eva on the other hand, is already "shooting" at 15 months. Ugh!

You can even see that she is making shooting noises.


Sarah said...

Maybe she picked it up from Ian? Or maybe she just saw it somewhere.... It seems at this age they see something once and then mimick it...

Mama Seoul said...

I am sure she picked it up from Ian. Wish she would copy something else!