Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Hair

Her hair is growing!

Look, I even see a few curls!


Sarah said...

It is growing fast now. You do her hair well....compared to me. I'm pathetic!

Mama Seoul said...

It is hard to do their hair because they won't sit still. You have to do it on the run!

Ameya said...

Hi! I've followed you on twitter for a while but just realized I wasn't following your blog- woops! I'm moving to China (Dalian, so just a ferry ride away from Seoul) in August, for a year or two, then moving to Korea, so I'm really excited to e-"know" another expat mama with similar parenting styles! :)

Your kids are adorable!

Connie said...

She's so adorable! And while I am not amazed you could do her hair... I'm amazed she let's the hair stay 'done' until you could get your camera and grab those photos! :D

Elizabeth Frick said...

Hello :)
I found you when doing a google search for Pognae baby carriers. Your children are lovely!
I have two daughters adopted from Korea, and my husband and I plan to move to Seoul (or at least enjoy an extended stay there) someday, and I'm intrigued that you live there! Would love to know all your "secrets" to living there. We absolutely LOVE Seoul and can't wait to be residents! I've got some reading to do :)

Mama Seoul said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Let me know when you are coming over. What will you do for work over here?

Mama Seoul said...


Can't wait to visit China! Sounds like you've got a big adventure ahead of you!