Saturday, December 19, 2009

International Travel with Baby (on the move) and Toddler: All the Way to the USA

I've spent the day packing. It really does take all day to pack with little ones. We are taking two suitcases that are filled with our stuff and two others that are nested together but otherwise empty to bring back all the Christmas gifts and things we buy. I really need to go shopping! For carryons, we have two small roller bags, a back pack, a shoulder bag and Curt's brief case. We did very well packing light (for us) in the checked luggage, but for carryons, I packed a lot:

1. Shoulder Bag: has diapers, wipes, changing mat (my JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes pod plus more diapers), snacks, two lego cars with lego people, a small stuffed animal, baby food, a water bottle for Ian, a few crayons, pens, a travelcase with Crayola Color Wonder paper and markers (not a big fan, but it won't make a mess), hand sanitizer, baby tylenol, baby motrin, teething tablets, extra underwear for Ian, a few books (thin and light). I think that is it for this bag. This is the go-to bag that will be left out during the flight.

2. Backpack: has pajamas for both kids (2 sets for Eva), an extra pair of pants for Ian, a couple extra onesies for Eva, tissues, throat drops, and my wallet/passports, etc.

3. Roller Bag #1: two fleece blankets because I am usually cold on the plane and the familiar blankets are comforting to Ian as well. It also contains a full package of diapers. I've never seen diapers in an airport. I always over-pack diapers. The amount of diapers I've brought is enough to handle diarrhea and being stranded due to weather.

4. Roller Bag #2: our two laptops (I was going to leave mine but with the frozen water pipe problem and the skill of the "fixes"so far, I am worried that something is going to have to the apartment while we are gone, and our big camera bag with our SLR, pocket cameras, ipod, card reader, small video camera, US cell phone, Magic Jack. Finding all the chargers and getting everything charged was a huge pain and took a long time. Ian's hats and gloves will be in this one as well.

5. Curt's briefcase: whatever he puts in there.

We won't have a stroller on the way there because we are bringing the double stroller back, but I will carry Eva in the pack and hope for the best with Ian. I think we'll be o.k. once we get the checked baggage in.


Brenda said...

you didn't pack any cloth for yourself?

Mama Seoul said...

I did pack some clothes for myself into the checked luggage. I was pretty minimal, though, because I want to go shopping and have room to bring things back. We brought 4 big bags, but two were empty so w can fill them up with the stuff we buy.

Gerry said...

Merry Christmas! So, was it ok? Are you scarred from the experience? Apparently R was an angel going down to Sydney with her Dad but we shall see when they come back which will be a day flight. : ) Big hugs to Ian and Eeee-va.

Mama Seoul said...

I told my family to get their passports ready because the trip was rough! Much too long and Eva got jetlag. Ian never got jetlag when he was a baby. I'll make a full report in another post.

Connie said...

Ooh! I missed this post. Sorry Eva got ill :( I sure hope you are enjoying your time home though!