Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Gift Exchange I Did Not Dread

Well, I did dread it, but it was fun. I am not a big fan of gift exchanges and it seems that every organization/friend group wants to do them this time of year. I love to buy gifts when I know exactly what the person wants or needs. It is really fun for me to buy gifts then. But, gift exchanges, you need generic gifts within a certain price range and I usually dread picking out the gift.

I forgot about the gift exchange for this party (it was on the evite, but I think I blocked it out). (Un)Fortunately, the hostess reminded me yesterday so I couldn't weasel out of participating. But, unlike other exchanges, you weren't allowed to buy anything for it you had to bring something from your house or something that you made. Curt has a collection of unopened Hawaii mugs from all his trips to Hawaii for work. He gets them from the hotel that he stays at for frequent staying. Curt did not want to part with his Hawaii mug, but he didn't have anything else in mind so that is what he brought. I had a collection of 6 Pampered Chef chocolate molds that were here when we moved into the apartment. I've used a few as hot pads once, but they have never been used as chocolate molds. When I got to the party, C asked,"Are you excited about the gift exchange?"

I said,"No, but I think SB might like what I brought."

Curt was #1 and I was #2 and you could pick a present or steal someone else's. The game was fun. Curt ended up with this Seoul Survivor Bag which was a shopping bag (because they charge you for bags in Korea), an umbrella (because it rains a lot), and lots of Korean snacks and instant coffees and teas. I got a pack of play dough and a big bottle of bubbles. I had picked a bottle of wine with a wine bag, wine stopper and holder, but that gift was stolen twice and out of the game so Curt couldn't steal it back. Some funny moments, C's husband said,"I need stocking stuffers" and stole some holiday socks and then followed up with,"Merry Christmas, honey!". SB stole the chocolate molds. I'm glad she liked them. They are a good gift for someone that makes fancy desserts like that. I am glad they are getting more use than hot plates. The OC Season 4 DVD set was one of the gifts. W, who picked it first said,"Please steal this from me." C obliged.

Well, Ian is sleepy and wants stories. I told everyone we should do a Re-Gift, Gift Exchange in January.


chalica pack said...

So glad you guys were able to come! I had a perfect time. And I am up for a re-gift gift exchange in January! It's like we are extending the holiday season!

MommyCha said...

I always found this type of gift exchange to be fun, as long as you weren't allowed to steal the same item too many times! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Brenda said...

I've been to the gifts exchanging, never heard of stealing gift, but it sounds fun!