Friday, December 18, 2009

EC Update

I started part-time EC (Elimination Communication) with Eva back in October. We are still doing it and still doing very well. Of course, it started out great and I got cocky and said,"Dirty diapers are for other people."

Of course, the two weeks that followed that statement were filled with misses!

But, we carry on. She pees on the potty a few times a day and I catch quite a few poops. Ian caught poops yesterday and today, which was very nice because they were very loose! Today, as she was pooping, I was saying,"Poop! Yay!" and she was making a "pa" sound. Wouldn't that make a hilarious baby book entry if her first word was "poop".


Connie said...

Well, it would be a good story. My first word was bark... I blame my dad owning a new puppy and new baby at the same time.

Mama Seoul said...

My first word was "baby". Ian's first word was dog language "woof". He woofed to indicate dog. His first English words were "duck" and "dog".

But, "poop" that would be too funny.