Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yesterday Sex, Today Death

So yesterday Ian hits us with,"I want to talk about sex," and today he picked Bambi off the shelf for me to read to him at storytime.

Ya know, the story about the little deer whose mother gets shot by the hunters. The book doesn't show Bambi's mom die, just tells you that it happened and on the next page Bambi appears with his father.

"What happened to Bambi's mother?"

"She died. The hunters shot her."

"Why did they do that? They shouldn't do that?"

"They wanted to eat her."

"You're not supposed to eat somebody's mom. I need to get in those pages and stop the bad guys from shooting her."

Think we might be going vegan. Until Curt makes ribs again.


MommyCha said...

Ian is so awesome! ^^ LOVE IT!

Connie said...

Ian is a smart kid. No, they should not have killed Bambi's mom!

Crystal said...

awww this is so sweet