Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween 2009 started back in August when I decided not to be last minute about the costumes. I decided that Eva would be Cyndi Lauper and ordered the basis for her outfit. I tried to let Ian pick his costume but he kept going back and forth so I finally ordered a pirate costume sometime in September. Well, Eva's outfit was backordered and delayed and backordered. I think it has finally shipped, but it did not arrive on time. With the Passion for Birth seminar October 28-30, I was not prepared for Halloween.

Eva's costume had to be put together. She refused the wig I had (it was blonde, not colored so it didn't really fit for 80's Cyndi anyway), refused bracelets and refused makeup. So her costume ended up being somewhere between punk princess, senior cruisewear and vampire. Oh well, she is a baby.

It was raining on Saturday but did clear up between 6 and 8 so we were able to go Trick-or-Treating. I got a few pictures before the camera died. Then I shot some more with a friend's camera, but I don't have those pictures, yet. I got a few more with another camera at home. Next year, I need to make sure I have enough time for execution or just buy something premade . Ian had a lot of fun and did more houses than last year. Of course, last year we were able to get rid of most of his candy without him knowing. This year, he knows but we are rationing and I will still give out or throw away a lot of the candy.


Connie said...

Yours are at a tricky age for costumes - although they are adorable! Ian makes a great pirate! And how did Eva enjoy the trick-or-treating? I remember picking out the most wanted costume ever for a certain toddler, only to have him change his mind and wear the old one at the last minute (thank goodness it had been too big the year before), and a little girl who wanted to be a princess, who ended up in her brother's old Bob the Builder costume. :D I always save costume pieces out of the Halloween storage. They re-use, mix-and-match, and play dress up with them. I even have some of their toddler costumes that we use to dress up large stuffed animals and decorate the house with for the season.

MommyCha said...

Sounds like a successful Halloween to me! Eva looks great to me, I can't believe you picked Cyndi Lauper for her costume. I never would have come up with that, so creative!^^

Brenda said...

Cyndi Lauper, is she your favourite singer? I think I'm getting knowing you more and more...:)

Mama Seoul said...

No she is not my favorite singer, but I thought it would make a funny costume.