Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Sex Talk

My son is 3 years old. Not almost 4, not even 3.5, he is 38 months old. Yesterday, while he was getting into the bath he said,"I want to talk about sex, Mommy."


"Sex. Seeeexxxxx. Let's talk about sex."

Just then, my husband came home and I told him,"Ian wants to talk about sex."

Curt said,"We can talk about sex after your bath."

After his bath, Ian was jumping around in the livingroom,"I'm ready. Ready to talk about sex!"

So Curt says to him,"What do you think it is?"

Ian says,"I don't know."

Curt,"Where did you hear about it?"

Ian,"On the tv." (Darn those PSAs there is one that plays on AFN a lot that has kids sayingm"Mom, Dad talk to me about sex."

Curt,"Sex is something that adults do."

Ian,"Then I think I need to practice a lot." (probably said this because he had to practice going to the potty and putting on his clothes , etc)

Curt,"No, no, you don't need to practice until you are much older." (Oh boy, was Curt starting to sweat here).

Ian,"Can I eat these carrots?"

And so ends the first sex talk.


Bethany said...

That's priceless! Yes, Ian you do need to practice a lot, but not for a looooong time.

MommyCha said...

Hahaha...that is too funny!! ^^ I see we have lots to look forward to! I second Bethany, practice is important! ^.~

Brenda said...

Wah!What a innocent boy, getting into a sex conversation with daddy at his first time, that's really precious!

Mama Seoul said...

Luckily he is still pretty clueless and innocent about it. He was just repeating the commercial.

But, what does he do today? Picks out Bambi from the bookshelf for the first time. Yesterday sex, today death. Ugh!

sharon said...

This boy is growing up fast!

Connie said...

Kids want to KNOW everything, and they listen, and remember! I agree with your method 100%, tell the truth, but you don't have to go into details - they don't really need/want the details at this age, they just need to not be ignorant. Give them a true answer - in a child sized portion. Then build on it as you go.

girlofjhb said...

Hillarious! ounds like something you will tell at his wedding!