Friday, October 2, 2009

Little Stunt Woman

Today, I put Eva on Ian's bed while I got her clothes out of the clothes (in the same room). In the time it took to pull a shirt off the hanger and reach into the drawer for a pair of pants, she had scooted herself to the edge of the bed and stood up! She pulled herself up on the bedrails that we have on there to keep Ian from falling out. I turned and saw her and before I could get to her, she smiled and bounced herself over the edge! She flipped over completely in the air and landed on her back.

This picture is of her napping after the fall. I made her stay awake for a long time afterwards just to be sure she was O.K. Then she fell asleep nursing in the chair. Lest you think that I've learned nothing from this incident, I just took her picture and then moved her to the floor.


Connie said...

Ack! Time for the bubble wrap!!

Brian did that to me once. He hadn't been scooting at all or even rolling over, but at about 6 months he scooted himself backwards off the bed, then apparently (as I learned later his only method of movement was backwards) he kept scooting and ended up under the bed. I had stepped out of the room, heard the baby start crying, ran back in, and couldn't FIND him!!
After I had a mini quick heart attack, I followed the cries and found him. I was terrified he'd hit his head, and I only felt better when I watched him playing soon after... and scooting backwards. He had to have landed on his feet. I'm sure you still had one of those mini heart attacks (that moms are so prone too), but thankfully, you saw how she hit!

Don't do that Miss Eva!

sharon said...

2009 must be a year for acrobatic babies! Within the last week, Tyler
(1) rolled from the couch onto the floor and landed flat on his nose, and
(2) leaned backwards out of my arms and onto the floor

Mama Seoul said...

Poor Tyler! Poor Sharon! There have been many times when Eva has almost thrown herself backwards out of my arms. They are very strong. Surviving childhood is a miracle!

MommyCha said...

Thomas fell off the bed around the same time, doumi turned around to put some laundry in the pack and play when THUD!, he face-planted off the bed! amazing how they can suddenly be so mobile in such a bad way sometimes!
Glad to hear she is ok!