Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Made Something, I Actually Made Something!

My friend Chalica and I are pathetic because we both own sewing machines and do not know how to use them. (Chalica is less pathetic than I am because we both also own cameras, but she actually knows how to use hers). Our friend, Jenny, showed us a very simple project that inspired us to break out the old machines.

Baby Leg Warmers Out of Knee Socks

Koreans seem to have a sock obsession because you can buy socks on the street everywhere. It is probably because they take their shoes off inside and so need to be more stylish with their socks. In any case, you can buy adult knee socks in Itaewon for less than 2,000 won per pair without negotiating. They offered us 6 pair for 10,000 won.

Then, you snip the sock foot off at the ankle.

Cut off the toe.

Cut of the heel.

Take the remaining band between the toe and the heel and fold it in on itself.

Stitch to the tube of the sock.

Zig zag over original stitching to secure.


Here is another set of instructions with a slight variation.

Anyway, she brought her machine over yesterday and we both got one leg warmer done before we screwed up the threading of our machines and had to stop for the day. Today, I finished the second leg and now have one pair done! The sewing ain't pretty and in all probability will have to be re-done after washing or wearing a few times, but it works!


chalica pack said...

They look so great and I love the props in the picture.

And yeah! I am less pathetic! hahaha. I havent touched my sewing machine again, need to get on that.

Mama Seoul said...

She wouldn't let go of the bag!

Your camera skills will buy you at least a week on this project deadline!

Anonymous said...

Well done Mama Seoul!!!

MommyCha said...

Looks great to me! We got free baby legs on the last day of the Babyfair, but Mr.Chubby legs really doesn't need them, I gave them to his GF. ^^ I would like to get the matching Moby ones to sell, but still no reply from Babylegs.
Good for you for dusting off the machine and trying it out! I am still in the world of hand-sewing pathetically! ^.~

Jenny said...

Okay - that is NOT a failed attempt! Those look super cute!


JessinSeoul said...

Those are awesome! I love them!