Friday, March 20, 2009

Buying Underwear

Today, I took another small step towards potty training Ian: I bought underwear. Just a 3-pack of dinosaur briefs to check the size, but they are purchased. I am not going to push until we get back to Korea, but I was inspired by Tuesday's playdate. Only one of the (4) kids is actively potty training and doing well. She decided she had to go and after she did, all the moms clapped for her. The other three kids stormed the bathroom and two of the three (including Ian) peed on the potty, Well, Ian peed on the floor because he was on a little girls potty seat without a splash guard, but let's not quibble: pee was released on the potty and not in the diaper!

I think what we will do is put underwear on and stay home for a week to work on it. At Montessori, that is how they suggest potty training. if the child wets or dirties, the child has to help clean themselves up. We are going to wait to try it until we get back to Korea because it will be hard to keep it up with international travel.

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Connie said...

Good luck! We definitely think buying underwear and leaving it in a place where the child knows where it is and can choose to wear it when they please IS helpful. It gives him control. btw, one of the most valuable things we learned from montessori potty training, was how to change a diaper with the toddler standing up... airplane toilets are soooo small!