Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back on the Sauce!

Ian stopped drinking while nursing back in mid-August, but continued to "nurse" a bit through January. He asked to nurse a few times since Eva has been home, but didn't really drink or stay on very long. I thought he had totally weaned. Well, he has started drinking again. Eva is a great nurser and I am not having any problems, so I am fine with Ian picking it back up. I will limit him to mostly bed time and nap time, though.


Connie said...

I was saved by my toddler nursing when the new baby came. With my son, I was producing industrial-sized boy servings. I had enough milk to feed triplets, and then some. My itty-bitty daughter comes along, wanting only dainty little princess portions... and she came near to drowning a few times. She would choke, then refuse to nurse! I didn't want that... and then there was the danger of me bursting(!). Thankfully, with both nursing, I was able to make it through the first few weeks and was eventually reset to 'girl feed'.

Mama Seoul said...

Eva is a very steady nurser. We aren't having any problems and she doesn't doddle. Her suction isn't quite as strong, but she eats a lot. Since things are going so well, I don't mind him nursing.

In fact, my nursing just saved my toddler! He had a major meltdown and did not want to take his nap. Screamed for 20 minutes. He was hysterical. Finally, he said he wanted milk and between the nursing and the yoga music, he surrendered. I'm happy to add this back to the bag of tricks!