Friday, December 5, 2008

Freezing Friday

We've lost some photos due to lack of a back up system in the past. Before we came to Korea, we bought a back-up drive, but only a few months ago did we actually start to use it. Things were great using Time Machine on the Mac, but one day, the computer did not recognize the back-up drive. We tried it in a different computer and it didn't work there, either. We are going to try to send it to the company when we get back to the US, but for now we are without a back up drive. Curt is sick of tech failures and doesn't want to get another. Until that passes, I have burned some back-up dvds and spent half the day scanning our professional family photos. The scanned photos won;t be the best quality, but at least we will have some sort of back up for them. That dvd is burning right now. Then I will be done. I need to do our wedding album eventually, but I don't think it will happen before I leave for the States.

Ian and I went to the chiropractor today. He said my adjustments are holding and I should be good for about a month. With traveling and the holidays coming up, that works out perfectly. I usually park on the base and walk. Today was FREEZING cold. Luckily, Ian fell asleep in the car and I put him in the stroller with his winter coat, hat, gloves and a blanket. I think the blanket over his face is what kept him asleep the entire walk there and back. I had a hat and gloves, but not a scarf and my face was burning. I almost bought a scarf on the way there.

We were supposed to go to a party tonight, but Curt isn't feeling well, Ian ate something that did not agree with him and I am tired so I don't know if we will make it.


Sarah said...

It was sooo cold today. I wore my winter jacket from last year which barely fits around me...there's no way I'm buying a maternity coat at this point. But yeah, I was cold!! Tomorrow will be colder... -13
Bundle up!

Connie said...

Tech sucks. Sure, it can be a real blessing and I'd hate to do without it... but it sucks when it misbehaves! J&R Electronics ( has got good prices and has always shipped to APO for us. We have a few Simpletech (brand) external hard drives. They are getting very cheap. Hmm. You have Mac... J&R carries a Lacie brand too - 250G for about $80. We find we are more comfortable with having things backed up redundantly on several of the smaller external drives, rather than everything on one large one. Good luck getting your backup drive repaired!