Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Seoul: The Big Reveal

Well, not quite. That was the title of the post before I had my appointment. The baby was doing a lot of knee movements in front its pelvis, but the midwife said she thinks it is a girl. Looks like labia with no sign of penis, but she said,"Don't decorate the nursery".

I have a few items in gender specific colors. I guess I will be packing both sets.


Connie said...

:-D We were just talking about your baby this morning. Your lovely card arrived today and Honor asked if your new baby will be a boy like Ian. I told her that you were not quite sure yet, and had to explain how a baby can twist and move where the doctor cannot see during a ultrasound. Honor laughed and said, "That silly baby is playing hide and seek!" :-)

Mama Seoul said...

Today "she" was doing knee lifts like a Rockette. Wish they were more certain!