Monday, January 8, 2007

Nefertiti's Christmas

We have Curt's office holiday party here Thursday and all we've done so far is make Christmas cookies shaped like Queen Nefertiti, King Tut and a camel. Most of them are Nefertiti because the others tend to break. The cookie cutters are made to cater to the American market and are a bit too high to make a detailed impression on the dough. It is kind of a fun, yet weird, twist on tradition incorporating the symbols of both Ancient and contemporary Egypt. Ian's first visit to Santa included Cleopatra and a camel.


Mag Writer said...

Hello Cairo Mama,

I am writing from Mothering magazine. I do not know of another way to contact you. We would like to print an edited version of your Sling Daddy post in the magazine. May we have permission to do this?

Our marketing director has Google send her any blog post that features the word Mothering. That is how we found you.

You can contact me at



Karen said...

Thanks, Melissa! I'd love you to use my post. I sent a reply to your e-mail.