Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Continuing Quest for Friends

I am on a quest for friends, or at least acquaintances. This requires me to be much bolder than I normally am and talk to strangers. On Monday, I met Nicole and her son Caiden at Mums & Tots. We had a nice lunch today and it fortified me for Bellydance class, especially since I saw someone else I know at the restaurant as we were leaving. Tonight, after class, I spoke to two people. They were talking about going to do hammam (spa treatment). One woman has been, the other hasn't. I am hoping that next week we can schedule a time to all go together and try it. I am getting better at talking to strangers. Guess I just need to keep practicing.

Tomorrow, we are going to the airbase in the desert. We know a few people there and they have a sauna I want to try.

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