Monday, January 29, 2007

Nationalism at Mums & Tots

Today, I went to Mums & Tots for the second time. There are a lot of new people and they seem to segregate by country or region. Last time, I was the only American and the French Canadian and I formed a little group until her friend, another French Canadian arrived. The British stayed together, the Germans, the Columbian and the Peruvian, the Iranians, the Japanese, etc. This time, I got there late, but in time for introductions and there was an American with a 3-month old. Realizing how the game is played, I made my move as soon as the group singing stopped. I got her e-mail and we are having lunch on Wednesday!

Over the weekend I was feeling down because I really don't have any friends here, yet. I made a few friends when I was here the first time through Arabic class, but they have all left Cairo. I have some acquaintences, but they either work or have older kids and are involved with other things. I just need someone to go to lunch with or call occassionally.

The woman I met today is leaving in June, but she has lived here for 5 years so she'll probably have good advice. Also, I hoping the Canadians will be there next week so we can build the North American block, and maybe in a few more weeks, people feel more comfortable and branch out beyond the comfort zone of their native regions.

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