Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Language Explosion!

I think we may finally have a break through on the baby sign language front. He has been doing "more" and "eat" and today he did "apple" in addition to "milk". He uses "milk" and "up" all the time and has for months, but was refusing to do other signs.

Also, he is watching my mouth when I speak and moving his mouth. He says,"Uh!" when he signs for "up". "Ba!" when we go to take a bath. "Ha!" or "Haai" when he talks on the phone (or a phone like object). "Do!" when referring to a door. "Dah" or "Dog" near the dog and best of all, "Mema" and "Mama" to refer to me. The explanation point is because he really pushes the sounds out in a staccato fashion.

We've been so busy with playgroups and things that we haven't been working with the Signing Time dvds. need to start that up again so I can learn more signs.

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