Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip!

Ian and I are on a road trip that started last Saturday. We went to Germantown, Maryland to see my friends, Kristy and Jeff. Ian ate Korean-style potatoes and loved them. We think he might have said his first word, "dog". He has said it a few more times since when it seems to be in reference to a dog, but it is hard to tell.

Sunday, we headed to Richmond, Virginia for my friend Melanie's birthday. It was The Watermelon Festival downtown, but we didn't make it over there because of the heat. Ian had spinach and goat cheese pizza. He is quite the foodie (except for the fact that he tries to eat dog food).

Monday, I called the YMCA to get him into baby swim lessons and the hit the road to Athens, Georgia. Ian slept for the forst 7 hours, but that last hour was rough. I think I am going to stay in West Virginia somewhere on the way back. So far in Athens, we've been helping my sister move into her new place and apply to medical school. In the move, she didn't realize that her secondary application for Medical College of Georgia was due today. With work and other appointments, she couldn't get it done in time to express mail it yesterday, so we got up this morning and drove to Augusta to turn it in. It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there.

This weeekend we are going to Alpharetta (outside of Atlanta) to see my friend, Rudy, who I haven't seen since the 10th grade. We will probably head back to Erie on Monday. We have 1st Birthday invitations to get out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at all that hair! Almost a year old. Dang.

Anonymous said...

I meant Ian's hair.

But yours looks really good like that.

raven said...


Well live across the street from your sister Kate. My wife, Annie, is a lactation consultant with the health department, too bad we didn't have a chance to talk!

Great blog.

Mark and Annie

Cairo Mama said...

Annie sure has an important job! Hope to meet you both next time we are in Georgia.