Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Curt got this Quadrilla set for Ian last year. It has been in my closet for most of the year for frequent "failure to put away" violations. Eva kept putting the marbles in her mouth and Ian kept leaving marbles around the house.

We just got it back out and they are playing with it much better this year. Eva still put the marbles in her mouth, but after being removed from play, she realized I mean business and now is playing nicely.

Curt loves Quadrilla and I had to talk him down from buying lots of additional sets last year. I think this set will be fine until Ian's birthday when we can add to it.

Eva in her new dress:


AM said...

Eva's in to Diet Coke now? Sigh. :)

THat marble toy is so neat! I know Jax would love something like that.

Eva looks so cute in her dress with her little bangs.

And I saw your tweet on the sidebar- cant wait to hear more about your photography class!

Mama Seoul said...

She wants it because she she me drink it, but after New Years Eve I am going off of it. The can was closed, though so she didn't get any.

The class is the one taught by Michael Hurt. I am doing it with two friends and starting Jan 2. How is that for getting a jump on resolutions?

Mama Seoul said...

Definitely wait awhile for this toy for Jax. I think next Christmas when he's 3.5 or his 4th birthday. You don't have another little one, but just the losing of the pieces and parts, etc.

AM said...

That's awesome. I don't know him, but I am so excited for you! Really want to hear about the classes, so be sure to blog about them!

If you let Eva start drinking Diet Coke, I would....eat pork.