Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Eva was the first up. She is holding her pants up because they are too big and she has a thermometer because she is not supposed to have it.

Curt woke Ian up because he couldn't wait any longer. He probably would have sleot until 9am, but was happy to get up at 7am for presents.

Ian's big present was big kid Legos.

Eva had an Olivia Christmas with Olivia dolls, books and dvds.

Ian is still very happy to open any present even if it is clothes or wild rice (I put wild rice in their stockings). That is nice. Since we don't have commercials, he doesn't ask for much. Both of them have too many toys already, so we kept Christmas small. They still had fun, though.

Eva's favorite present was a pink dress with matching hoodie. As soon as she opened it, she starting ripping off her pjs and demanded to wear it.

Group picture.

Merry Christmas!

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