Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slacker Blog Friends

I have blog friends and friends with blogs. My blog friends are people who I got to know through comments and correspondence on our blogs. My friends with blogs, I got to know in real life and since they blogged, I linked to them. I was just checking through my links to make sure they were all still good when I started to notice that many of my good friends IRL, are slacker bloggers.

Friends, I love you, but if you don't post as least once a month (or two) I am going to have to delete you. You are probably all on Facebook anyway and I won't miss a thing. When I started Facebook, I too, seriously slacked on my blog. I'm still not sure my blog is relevant, but I will keep it going for the family at least (they STILL aren't on Facebook).

So, don't be offended if you notice that you are gone from my sidebar. If you start posting again, I will link again!


Candace Hendrick said...

I don't have a blog but I do have birthing information for the Ilsan area in Korea. How can I share that through your site?? And do you have Dongdaemun as a place to get pregnancy clothes and breast feeding shirts the places like Doota have a whole floor of it.

Mama Seoul said...

Hi Candace,

Yes, I do have Doota listed.

I would love to post your information about birth options for the Ilsan area. Either leave it in a comment or send me an e-mail at mamaseoul at gmail dot com and I will do a blog post. Also, are you a member of the Expat Parents Forum? That is a great place to share with others as well.


If you've already given birth, it would be great to share your birth story as well.

Sarah said...

Haha...I think Facebook definitely affects blogging frequency. Facebooking is kind of like blogging if you post status updates and photos. But I blog too, because like yours, a lot of my family is not on Facebook. I was thinking of deleting some links too.... didn't want to offend anyone. :S

MommyCha said...

I started blogging to keep my family updated, but most of them just use Facebook. ^.^ Hence me becoming a slacker! Hahaha...I don't mind at all if I get deleted, I use it to keep up with your blogs now! It shows me when you update! ^.^

Mama Seoul said...

I've given you the first trimester pardon, but you are on the edge, Missy! You are great about Face book, though, so I forgive you!