Friday, November 12, 2010

Ian Met His President

Ian is a long time supporter of President Obama. Ian started talking to Obama on his toy cell phone during the election. He just picked up in him from tv. He would put his cell phone to his ear and say,"Hello, Barack Obama. Are you workin?"

Then, he'd put the phone down and look at me and say,"He's workin'."

I was an Obama supporter so when he started doing that, I ordered him a cool Barack Obama shirt. He wore it for Election night and day.

When Ian sees Obama on the television he says,"Hey, that's my President."

Curt asked him if he wanted to see President Obama and Ian said,"He's too far, I think he's in the 'nited States."

President Obama was in town this past week for the G-20 Summit and participated in some Veteran's Day activities on Yongsan. We had a great view and even showed the President Ian's shirt. Both Curt and Ian shook his hand and he complimented Eva's dress (which she picked out herself).

We had to be there about 2 hours before the event. A lot of gates were shut down and driving was restricted so we walked with the kids in the double stroller. It was cold and windy, but there was a warming tent. Then, it warmed up enough to hang outside. The kids had fun running around and Eva insisted on taking her coat off. I said,"Coat on."

She said,"No. My dress!"

I thought she was too young for that kind of stuff, but recently she has become very opinionated about her clothing. She didn't want her coat covering her dress.

Then, she got bored and started demanding to nurse. I had to nurse her and try to take pictures of the President. I did get her to release (not easy lately) so she could meet the President.

Here is President Obama straightening Ian's shirt so he could see it better.

Here he is talking to Eva. You can't see Eva and I in the picture, but that is the moment.


MommyCha said...

The story and photos are so cool! These are definitely some awesome memories for your whole family!

familyofmgms said...

That is so exciting! How cool to be so close to the President! We were supposed to go up to the Zoo tomorrow, but the trip was cancelled due to the G20 Summit. Hopefully we can make it up there another time!

Connie said...

How totally cool, and yes, I can believe the fashion attitude. It seems that girls are born teens with attitude. We almost met 'Ian's President' in Cairo, but it was so hot that day. There was no way I could put the kids through hours of busing and waiting.

Gerry said...

It is not often one gets to meet one's President. Very cool.