Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kanzius Foundation Finishes First in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest

Erie-native John Kanzius had a dream to create a non-invasive cancer treatment using radiowaves. The idea is ready for human trials, but they need funding. Thanks to everyone who voted. To learn more about the Kanzius Foundation's work or to contribute to the research, visit the website. What I love most about this story is that Kanzius was not a doctor or scientist, just a man with an idea. Anyone who has known someone going through cancer treatment knows that the treatment and after-effects are often as bad as the disease. If the treatment doesn't kill you, you may have lasting side effects like lymphedema as both my cousin Micki and friend Marci have as a result of cancer treatment.

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young said...

Hi Mama Seoul, I'm a Korean-American currently in Seoul with my 9 month old. I can't seem to email you but am concerned about the health of my son and need some resources help. Would you please email me at: youngrchang(at)