Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This past month has been unbelievable. When I say that, I mean unbelievably stressful, unbelievably eventful, unbelievably great and unbelievably horrible all at the same time. I have so much to do/buy/sell/trade/get rid of/frame/hang to get the house organized. From there, once I have my head above water, I need to make some improvements on top of that to make life run smoother.

We need a couch, a tv stand/entertainment center and a dresser immediately. We bought two cheap bookshelves to start to get the office area under control. Tomorrow, we are going to a used furniture place to get a couch (hopefully). I want to check the Chosun Gift Shop, that furniture store and the AAFES furniture store and then just pick something. We will probably go the cheap route because moving is so damaging on furniture, but we might see something interesting. I just want to decide so we can move on.

Things are on the floor everywhere and Ian is making it worse. I do not have time to look around a lot for the furniture. I just need to do it.

Here's hoping by September, things are in order!

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AM said...

Glad you guys are back, looking forward to hearing about Cambodia. We've got Vacation Bible School all next week 9-12, but are free in the afternoons. Hope we can catch up soon!