Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gro Baby Cloth Diapering System

"One Diaper. Big Change."

That is the motto for Gro Baby Cloth Diapering System, the one-size, certified organic cotton snap-in inner with re-useable outer shell.

I have the Bum Genius One-Size Pocket Diapering system. I was worried that one-size diapers would be too bulky on a newborn, but after using them on my second child, I am sold! The only issue I have with the Bum Genius is the side tabs pilled very quickly and the velcro tabs started to look a little shabby. Still, they are going strong after more than 2 years of continuous use.

Another system that I've tried is the GDiaper system. It is hybrid diaper system with a reusable cloth outer, plastic snap-in and flushable, disposable inner. Since I started with cloth, I did not find this system easier, but I think it is less intimidating than cloth. The advantages of this system are that with the snap-in liners, you can re-use the outer covers and therefore, you need fewer covers. Also, there is less to wash.

Gro Baby combines the advantages of both of these systems:

*one-size, they will fit from 8-35 lbs
*easy to put on and off
*claims that the hook tabs won't pill
*snap-in inner means fewer out shells to buy and less laundry, also takes up less room in the diaper bag
*certified, organic cotton inner is better for the environment and better for baby's skin

I would love to try the Gro Baby system. My baby girl would look great in the Blackberry Gro Baby diaper.

1) Must be a new blog/pic, etc.
2) You may blog about your likes/dislikes for Gro Baby™ OR post a new pic of your babe in Gro Baby™ OR blog that you'd like to try Gro Baby™ .
3) ALL, must be accompanied with this link,
4) Email your link/address to WITH BLOG
GIVEAWAY in the subject line.
5) We'll send each participant ONE FREE Pre Production Shell Set in
Blackberry (sorry no other colors available)
6) One per family please.


Victoria said...

Hi Mamma Seoul!
First let me just extend my apprciation for your blog! Thanks to you I have been able to find a midwife and arrange for a homebirth here in Korea and find myself some comfortable maternity clothes. What a resourse the blog is! thank you!
Just reading today about cloth diapers. Do you know if bum genius is available in Korea? whould love to try them with my first baby this fall.
Thanks for all you do**

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks, Victoria. I am glad to help! It is hard to feel like you have no options so I try to post whenever I find something good. Definitely, let us know on the forum how your birth experiences goes.

I just looked on the websites for Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz and there is no listing for Korea, but they are in Asia so you may be able to order online either from the US or Japan or Sinapore or Australia.

You might want to search on GMarket as well.

Here is a link to a post that has some Korean cloth diaper links.

Darcel said...

Love your blog! So informative.