Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving to Korea

The packers are coming in a week. Preparation is key. It was actually much easier in Egypt because it was all our stuff except the Embassy furniture. Right now, my stuff is integrated into my parents' house except for what we have in a storage POD. It is being delivered today so we can go through it.

We have to decide what to take in our suitcases, what to mail, what to send in our air freight shipment, what to send in the sea shipment, how to coordinate transferring the goods in storage in Egypt to Korea, buy a house in Georgia for my sister to live in during medical school and then have the goods that are in storage in Texas from before we went overseas, to Georgia. Also, we have to get an international health certificate for the dog and prepare a bunch of paperwork for shipping our car (which has to be driven to Baltimore to ship.

We have about two weeks to do all this, though, we don't have our tickets reserved because the guy in Korea hasn't gotten back to us.

The movers are coming in 6 days so most of the decisions will be made by then. It is good to have a deadline.

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