Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bath Time Efficiency

Never bathe alone, that is my motto. I like to take baths often so I start with the baby on the floor and draw a hot bath for myself. I soak and let the water cool down, then I bring Ian in and wash him. He floats and splashes and after he is clean, I put him in his robe (finally found a use for it) and lay him back on the floor. Then I call the dog and put her in the shower with me. I wash my hair and wash her at the same time.

Tonight was particularly nice because I used my new Lush products that I picked up in Doha. I was shocked to see a Lush store there. It seems like the DC store just opened up less than two years ago. Globalization. I have Burt's Bees Baby products for Ian. The apricot oil smells delicious and keeps his skin super soft. Even the dog has Buddy Wash in Lavendar and Mint. She just came back from the kennel and they put some horrible powder on her that smells like cheap perfume. It makes me sick. Now we are all clean and sweet smelling waiting for Curt to come home.

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