Monday, February 19, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

We fly back from Qatar last night after a wonderful visit with friends, but one of our suitcases did not make it. International travel is rough on luggage. The fabric was ripped all around the pull out handle and the support sides were crushed to smithereens. We were lucky the contents were still contained. So, black roller bag, you are officially retired. You were cheap, but you lasted longer than expected.


The Mommy said...

Oh, I feel for you!! My suitcase was lost traveling from Phuket to Singapore. Luckily we had all the clean laundry in my husband's suitcase so my son and I had a few items of clothing, but for three days we were without our luggage. Good thing Singapore is like the shopping mecca of the world. I was able to get a few things until my suitcase was found.

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks. I'm just glad it held together long enough to get my stuff in the car! I need to find better luggage, but learning to pack lighter would help also. I always seem to both overpack and leave something vital because I wait until the last minute.