Friday, December 29, 2006

Making Sand Angels at the Pyramids

It is December in Cairo and though it is freezing here today (50's and windy), there is no snow for traditional winter fun like snow angels. If it weren't so filthy, I might actually try to make a sand angel, but I'll save that for my next trip to the Red Sea. You can't come to Cairo without visiting the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. Now that Ian will be living here for awhile, we thought we'd take him so he can give better tours when our friends and family come. We took him to the Pyramids last year at this time when Chad and Lauri were touring, we just didn't know it. Ian won't remember either trip, but this year's pictures with him on the outside are much cuter!

This was a victory for us because we got out of the house and drove ourselves. It is easy to hibernate to avoid the traffic, pollution and hassles of Cairo, but that is no way to live. I've been back for almost a month and have spent most of that time working on organizing the house. Most of the ex-pats leave for the holidays, so everything shuts down until mid to late January.

Fridays and Muslim holidays are the best days to go to the Pyramids because there are less people. This is especially true in the mornings. We set up our tripod to get a family picture without having to pay someone to take our picture. Harassment avoidance!

Ian is wearing his new outfit from Aunt Kate. The wind was rough on him, but he was a champ.


melissa said...

K-Zam, you look fabulous!!! Have a great new year! I look forward to reading more posts.


Rudy said...

hopefully, now that you're blogging, you'll give us a good taste of what it's like to live in Egypt. I'll be looking foreward to it.

Anne said...

Righteous! I will look forward to reading all about the three of you in the months to come. You all look happy and healthy!

Jason Buckley said...

Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere. Let me know when you're ready to start posting videos and I'll help you get that started.

Karen said...

I was just thinking about contacting you. My goal is to have a video clip up by the end of January. Did you noticed, we've linked to Stella?

harrispivey said...

Karen, this is fantastic! I love the picture at the pyramids. Can't wait to see the next post. Just showed this to Mom (we are in Colorado blizzard land until tomorrow) - she says Ian's blue eyes are so cute!