Saturday, December 30, 2006

Getting into the "Sling" of Things

I successfully made a baby sling today (the blue one in the second picture). After owning my sewing machine for 2 or 3 years--I don't even remember when I bought it--I finally took it out of the box and tried to use it. Thanks to the accompanying instructional video, I discovered what all those knobs and buttons were for, got it threaded and executed stitches. My stitches weren't quite straight, but I completed the project.

Babywearing has saved my arms and shoulders from total destruction, though they still ache from all the lifting. I have a ring sling (top picture), but wanted to try a pocket sling since there are fewer adjustments. Stacie Steadman posted instructions on how to make a simple pocket sling. I used Stacie's method since I am just starting out, but instructions for a more complex, contoured sling can be found on Sweet Things Baby Slings. You can order on made by them if you don't want the personal challenge of doing it yourself. I thought about ordering a Maya Wrap Adjustable Pocket Sling before I made this one. The Maya Wrap website also has instructions for a ring sling, pouch sling and even a "no sew" version.


FoundClothing said...

Looks good! A few months ago I decided that I'd probably never sew anything again, just because it takes so long and all of those underpaid factory workers in Asia do a much better job anyway ... But glad somebody's picking up the DIY slack.

I posted pics of my Christmas in Detroit. Check out the "Hamtramckquins":

Katherine said...

Love that you are doing this, Karen! Am also glad to see that the outfit still fits Ian.

Since you were listing references for those who are interested, I thought I'd add that my sister (who got all the sewing genes in our family) also makes slings, and she sells them from her website .