Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ian & Eva Speak, The Quotables of the Past Few Months

These are getting lost on Facebook, so here I cut and paste for my non-Facebooking family members:

Watching Oprah's Farewell and Ian says,"I see the guy who talks about sad people who did things (referring to Dr. Phil).

Eva: Mom, I need to nurse and then you need to put the quinoa in my mouth.

I'm putting the baby toys away because there is no baby in this house. Though, Ian said today,"I think we need 1 more baby".

Me,"Why's that?"

Ian,"Because people will think its adorable!"

(I think he is referencing an Olivia the Pig episode)

Me:Ian, Eat your spinach and lentils.

Ian: But I want broccoli. My heart wants what it tells me it wants.

Me: Here, have some broccoli.

Broccoli, the heart's desire.

Moroccan Chickpeas & Zucchini over Quinoa
Ian says,"Mom, what you maked tonight is the best!"
Me,"You like the zucchini."
Me,"And the chickpeas, do you like the chickpeas."
Ian,"No, I LOVE the chickpeas!"

Ian (holding two packages of M&Ms in his hand this morning),"What about these be our new vitamins?"
Nice try, buddy. Nice try.

Eva punched me and said,"I punch you. Good job." (I think that is evidence enough that this woman is right about not saying"good job")

Never realized how often I use the word "actually" until Eva started saying it.

Ian's school report said:

Ian is incredibly sensitive and kind. Today he told me,"My sister is the most prettiest girl in the whole world!"

playing my Deepening CD and Eva is saying,"Deeper and Deeper. Deeper and Deeper to Relax"

Had two great nights with Eva using the Hypnobabies Toddler Sleepy Time CD. Ian wants to listen, too and Eva says,"No, that's MY hypnosis cd." I'm going to use it for 2 weeks before doing a full blog post, but I am very pleased so far!

Yesterday we made it to Target, went to lunch and then fell into a coma-like sleep. Woke up about 8pm. Finally got everyone back to sleep at 4am and woke up at 6am. Ian said,"Wow! This morning came faster than yesterday!"

Ian: Do wizards die?
Me: I don't know. They are pretend. Everything real dies.
Ian: No, God and wizards don't die. Because they have sticks.

Theology by Ian.

Ian,"Mama, Nathan and Tremain's skin is brown. Nathan's is light brown."

Me,"Yes that's true. What about you?"

Ian,"Mine is peach. Light peach."

Eva pinched Ian. Me to Eva,"Don't pinch Ian. Gentle touch."

Eva to me,"Ian pinched ME. Don't pinch me, Ian" (Not true)

How does she know how to blame others so early!

Here are the quotes from January, right about when my blogging really started to slack:
Curt to Ian,"What's after 15?"
Eva chimes in with,"16"
Curt to Eva,"Wow, what's after 16?"

Curt to Eva,"I will not negotiate with you."
Eva to Curt,"Negotiate, Daddy!"

Eva is saying."No head-butting. Hahaha. No head-butting. hahaha."

(Eva likes to head-butt so she hears "no head butting a lot).

Good mom moment: Ian says,"Thank you for making me spinach, mom!"

More Eva:

"I need privacy." (She was on the potty).

"I nurse now. Count to three. One, two..."

Me: Eva, come here!
Eva: Are you talking to me?

Eva requested Geek Yogurt (Greek Yogurt) for breakfast this morning.

Yesterday Eva said,"Curt! Don't go to work." Just now she said,"Karen, Karen, look at my baby!"


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