Friday, January 8, 2010

Update: Luggage for Frequent Travelers

I wrote a post last year about trying to find some high quality luggage that would not disintegrate in one flight. We bought some amazing Pathfinder luggage on mega-clearance, plus store coupon (about $100 a bag, original price was $440 and $460 a bag). Curt moved up two levels in the Frequent Flyer club this year and always brings the Pathfinders. They are holding up exceptionally well and are a true joy to travel with. When I was looking for the link for this post, it appears Pathfinder may be out of business so the bags are deeply discounted right now. Most luggage lines have bags of varying quality so make sure you are getting the ballistic nylon bags. The Delseys are holding up, but get less use because they aren't quite as luxurious as the Pathfinders. Be VERY careful with Delsey because they have both Polyester and Nylon bags and don't always list the fabric type in a way that is easy to find. If it doesn't say "ballistic nylon" don't buy it. Polyester luggage is for people who travel by car or carry on their bags.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear you made it to the States safe and sound. Hope Eva gets over her jetlag quickly! Enjoy your time at home.