Monday, December 31, 2007

Daddy Dolls

My cousin, Steve, is leaving for Iraq soon. His wife, Christy, ordered a "Daddy Doll" for their daughter and "Daddy Dog Tags" for their son. Using pictures, the doll is a lifelike, hugable subtitute for Daddy while he is gone. The company was started by two military wives targeting military families, and although that is still their focus, the dolls, pillows, dog tags and other products can be great for any child missing any person for any reason. It has already helped my cousin's little girl sleep through the night while her dad was away at training.

Ian is too young to need a product like this, but if Curt ever has to back when Ian is older, I would definitely look into it.


Elizabeth F. said...

That is sooo cute! My Hubby was deployed when my first born was 7 mos old and gone for a year. The hardest year of my life! So, I empathize with families in that situation. I love the Daddy Doll. Such a great idea. We recorded a message from Daddy and watched it all the time to keep Daddy fresh in her mind.

Cairo Mama said...

My husband recorded songs and talked on a digital recorder that we let Ian play so he can hear his voice. He has pretty much destroyed it, but between that and the phone calls, at least it kept his voice familiar.