Monday, July 16, 2007

Signing Update

Ian is finally using his "milk" sign to ask for milk instead of giving the sign after he gets the milk. The Signing Time DVDs are great. They are helping me learn the signs so I can teach him more signs.


eriedoula said...

What a well-reasoned, calm rational and helpful list for nursing moms who often face uncomfortable situations. I will share it with all the nursing moms I know. Thanks for the positive, honest and logical encouragement.

Elizabeth F. said...

My baby loves to sign nurse as well! He giggles with excitement when I say Yes! The videos helped me way more than the books with learning the signs.

Cairo Mama said...

I have a book and flash cards, but it is hard to find time to sit and concentrate. It is much easier to pop in a dvd, plus, Rachel on Signing Time will say things like "bread, like your are slicing the bread on the back of your hand" and that helps me remember as well.
Tanya from Motherwear blog recommended board books. I might try those in a few months. Unfortunately, Ian is still more interested in eating books than reading books.